Your passion for parenting can

change the world. 

It can also provide you with the kind of career most people only dream of… 

Because conscious parenting is the career of the 21st century.

There are few things more impactful to the world we live in than the way we parent our children.

And it’s the one thing we don’t train, study, or really receive intentional guidance for (until now).


Most of us approach the incredible job of raising children with deep love and the best of intentions.

Without creating conscious change and healing in our own childhood traumas, assumptions and learned programming, we repeat the same (often traumatic) patterns of dominance we learned from our own upbringing. 

It’s the last thing we want to do and yet we understandably get caught in our own programmed reactions when we become frustrated and triggered by difficult interactions with our children.

And... as much as we don’t want to have our unresolved experiences affect our children, the truth is, without the chance to heal and reimagine how we relate to them, it does. Our entrenched ways of reacting are stronger than our desire to parent differently than we were parented. 

Until we do the work.

At The Jai Institute For Parenting we have a bold vision for the future of your family… and for the world.

By providing parents with a new Peaceful Parenting approach, generations of children can now be brought up with the security, connection, guidance, and love of parents who have the tools to raise them from a place of peace, empathy and cooperation.

This will naturally translate into the creation of a world filled with secure, connected, and deeply empathetic adults.


Our peaceful, loving and effective parenting method emphasizes cooperation, awareness and harmony and gives our children the emotional skills they need to be the ones who change everything.

How do we plan to do this? With your help.


It provides the necessary resources, guidance and perspective shifts needed to rediscover and redefine your relationship with your children. 

And it provides you with all the necessary skills to support your family by building a flexible and incredibly successful business helping other parents do the same.


By becoming a parent that is physically and emotionally present, spiritually and professionally fulfilled, AND able to financially provide every opportunity possible for them, your children will get the very best version of you.

People talk about the joy of having a career that you love and feel passionate about, but the opportunity that’s in front of you is SO much more than that.

"I wanted to reach and say a sincere Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. Learning about peaceful parenting and the tools has literally changed my life! 

Eight weeks into my training I feel like a different person and I can feel my son and I connecting on a deeper level! The Jai Institute is giving me the tools that I have always wanted as a parent but didn’t know how to put my hands on them. The Jai Institute has helped me understand my past, do some healing around my childhood and understand my goals as a parent. The Jai Institute has helped me see the big picture of parenting and then put tools in my hands to manage the day to day parenting in a fun and fulfilling way!"

Come and join us in our mission to CHANGE THE WORLD through the way we support, nurture, and guide our beautiful children.

It’s time to build deeply connected, trusting relationships with our kids so we can work together with them from a place of empathy and understanding.

And even better… help the families who so desperately need you to support them to create love, peace and connection in their homes to do the same! 

Dominant parenting styles have been the accepted norm for decades.

You don’t have to look far in our world today to see the ripple effect of using power over cooperation when it comes to parenting.  Anxiety, disconnection, depression and lack of hope for the future don’t have to continue to be the accepted norm for our kids. The possibility that our world will evolve into a more loving peaceful place begins with the way our children are raised.

Parents everywhere need access to the skilled support and loving guidance they need to build this kind of solid relationship with their children. They need personalized, supportive, non-judgemental direction to become the kind of loving, supportive, connected parents they always planned to be, and are fully capable of becoming, with your help.

That’s where our revolutionary professional parenting coach training and YOUR coaching business comes in.

Imagine having the skills and connection to handle anything and everything that comes up with your child and the ability to offer other parents the same resources and relief. You, and your child will handle everything from day-to-day frustrations to more challenging critical moments with patience and grace.

And you’ll have a strong consistent foundation of love and trust to lean on when things don’t go as planned.

Your new collaborative approach will give you and your child the connection and tools you need to work together for harmony and resolution. 

Children who feel empowered and connected become adults who live, love, and relate to others from a place of peace and interconnectedness. 

Your love for children, coupled with our program, can become the exact help struggling parents need AND be the career of your dreams.

Because the magical relationship between parent and child shifts and evolves when caregivers have loving guidance to awaken them to new ways of relating to and interacting with their kids.

“My husband and I were ready to separate and all was going really bad. He moved out of the house. I started to listen to the meditations in my Parent Coach Training Program every day. We started to talk again. He moved back home. And I’ve already started coaching with all paying clients. We are reaching the core of the course. I am feeling inspired, empowered and proud.”

Carolina Brancato

"The largest impact I have experienced through this program is the shift in the relationship with my children. The feeling of connection and working together as compared to me “dictating” over them is so much more natural and eliminates tension on many levels. . . [and] has opened space for more fun, laughter and play . . . The joy and richness I have experienced as a parent is beyond words; and just as I think it cannot get better, I notice ways in which it does. This has a ripple effect."

Jennifer Winzeler

“There are really no words to describe the connection that you really start to have with your children when you get the tools through coaching. You get deeper into that work when you become a parenting coach. The market is there. You see the transformation with your kids in your own home and then, you can definitely see it in others.”

Danielle Backers

Our parenting coaches are the next-generation of world-changers. 

Discover what our coaches have to say...

At the Jai Institute we believe that peaceful parenting is the clearest path to the kind of world we all want to live in.

And we want YOU to join us in creating this reality.


Parenting is SUPPOSED to be hard and parents are SUPPOSED to have a tumultuous relationship with their kids.


Parents can have any amount of inner peace, emotional wellness, or financial health they desire (with or without a partner).


Only “perfect parents” who “have it ALL figured out” have any business becoming a parenting coach. 


The realness that you bring to your coaching clients around your own parenting challenges and growth makes you the PERFECT parenting coach.

During your studies you will be mastering the art of transforming parenting from an increasingly difficult power struggle to a harmonious and powerful bond that just continues to grow.

We believe that parenting and caring for children is the highest spiritual calling.

And we believe it’s time to value this essential role in new and life-changing ways in our society. The demand for these specialized services is at an all time high. With the expertise and skills you will gain from our program, YOU can be the one to meet that need.

It’s our mission to offer parents like you a chance to take your love, wisdom, and passion and turn it into a career that supports your family financially, while also fulfilling your soul’s calling.

Your training will include how to:

  • Establish critical trust between parent and child
  • ​Ensure children feel safe, secure, and cared for on a core level
  • ​Release parents from unconscious, limiting, stressful and regrettable parenting patterns that serve neither them or their precious children
  • ​Become a clear and confident parent with whom their children WANT to cooperate
  • Build a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence no matter the situation
  • ​Increase a child’s ability to learn while ensuring their future happiness and confidence
  • ​Develop a relaxed, calm, centered parenting style
  • ​Model healthy relationships for children
  • ​Set limits PEACEFULLY without having to resort to punishments and consequences
  • ​Embrace authenticity by letting go of who they think they should be
  • Create instant connection with children when they need parents most (HINT: during breakdowns and tantrums!)


  • A complete online parent training system to use with your Parent Coaching clients 
  • ​Business marketing and sales tools to leverage your time and increase your client base quickly and easily
  • ​How to work one-on-one with clients to create stellar results that naturally lead to ongoing effortless referrals
  • ​Coaching to assist you in enrolling clients for both private and group classes as well as introductory workshops that show you everything you need to know
  • Developing packages and pricing that works perfectly for your ideal clients
  • Conscious effective selling that works without the “ick” factor!

Imagine being a part of creating this beautiful shift while doing something you’re deeply passionate about AND earning an amazing living.

You don’t have to imagine it, because the opportunity is right here in front of you.

We’ll take you through our all-encompassing, paradigm-shifting 24 week course where you’ll learn everything you need to know to be an incredible professional parenting coach ready to go out and make a profound contribution to the lives of your clients. 

We’ll also show you EXACTLY how to create, run and sustain the business side of this highly profitable and deeply rewarding career. Because we know that not everyone knows how to run a business. 

That’s why our fully comprehensive training ensures you don’t have to struggle in the least. We cover everything from where to find your ideal clients, to the specific exercises and outlines you need to facilitate every single session you have with them.

It’s all done-for-you so you can focus your energy on bringing your presence, patience, and practice to your role as a professional parenting coach.

When we shift the way our children are raised, we shift the whole world.

“My experience with the Jai Process was so powerful that I have transitioned out of the classroom and have dedicated myself to working exclusively with committed parents, teachers, and mentors to create deeply-connected, long lasting relationships with their children.”

Mariah Joy

“As a pediatrician, I felt GUILTY all the time. Guilty my kids were in daycare, guilty I wasn’t finding my career as fulfilling as I thought it “should” be, guilty for yelling at my kids at the end of every day. That cycle changed the day I enrolled in the Parent Coach Training Program. This work is so life changing that I chose to leave my clinical practice to focus on REALLY making a difference in the lives of children.”

Tiffanie Noonan

"The Jai Institute for Parenting’s Parent Coach Training Program has not only transformed my parenting it has transformed every aspect of my life. It has just really helped me come full circle because I see with new eyes now."

Kristen Watts

Goodbye guilt, hello rewarding career!

If you are struggling between the need to provide income for your family, to feel like you are contributing to the world, AND still be a stellar parent to your child...


I have been right there with you! I was a single mom struggling to provide for my son and struggling even harder against a deep knowing in my heart that he was experiencing a tired, frustrated, worn out version of me. Worst of all, I wore a suit of GUILT everyday because I knew he needed the real me, the me that thrives on our love and connection, on our bond.

When I first encountered the foundational material that led to the full blown development of the paradigm-shifting curriculum provided here at the Jai Institute For Parenting, the guilt got even heavier because I saw clearly that I was crippling the relationship I was most committed to developing. 

But…I got through it, even the parts that sounded like they would leave our lives and our home in total chaos. The shifts in BOTH my son and I were so miraculous, they gave us a whole new way of relating that blows my mind to this day.
Once you experience the way parent and child relationships can be, you can never go back! 

As a matter of fact it will be PAINFUL to see parents talking down to their children, to see them strip the connection and trust using the tactics of fear and control that, unfortunately, were passed down to them from their parents. Your new skill set will empower you to coach families toward a new level of love and cooperation so gracefully that both parents and children will be proud of the changes.

The world is waking up to a new level of connection and abundance.

Parenting styles developed in The Depression Era no longer resonate with the elevated children we are blessed to have the pleasure of raising. They are ready for something deeper, more trust-building, more connected. 

Are you? If so, I invite you to try the principles we share at the Institute in your home. 
Once you do, I suspect that you (like me) will look forward to EVERY client call or group session, to guiding parent after parent toward a new way of relating with their children.

When you become a Parenting Coach, you amplify love and connection — and reduce friction and fear.
 If there is one thing I’d change about this program, it would be to require the coaches to wear capes, because in my mind they are the new heroes of modern family life.

TUITION IS $4500 with very flexible payment options, scholarships and generous incentives available. 



Deeper Compassion

Creating compassion for self, for parent, and for child.


Clarifying Core Values

Understanding how to help families create their core values and respectfully hold each other to them.


Clearing HousE

Assisting parents in releasing beliefs that no longer serve them or their children.


Crafting Environments

Creating an environment of peace, acceptance and unconditional love.


Keeping Calm

Guiding parents to support their children even in the chaotic moments of their fits and tantrums.


Business Startup Sense

A course in getting your own coaching business up and running right away.

Explore This Financially And Emotionally Rewarding Career Risk Free


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within the first ten days of commencement of your Program, we will fully refund the cost of your Parent Coach Training Program minus a 5% cancellation fee for administrative costs.

Please notify us within the guarantee period by emailing if you have any concerns or to request a refund.

Your Rewarding Career Awaits...

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