Stop Pushing Your Child Away with Your Parenting When You Could Be Living Your Ideal Life

Discover the Proven 5-Step Formula

That Allows You to Get Rid of the Chaos, Have a Great Relationship with Your Child, and Live Your Ideal Life

  • Stop getting constantly triggered emotionally by what your child says or does.
  • Discover the SECRET to peaceful parenting that will have your child cooperating effortlessly with you.
  • Learn how to be there 100% for your kids without sacrificing your career, time or income.

“As a pediatrician, I felt GUILTY all the time. Guilty my kids were in daycare, guilty I wasn’t finding my career as fulfilling as I thought it “should” be, guilty for yelling at my kids at the end of every day. That cycle changed the day I enrolled in the Parent Coach Training Program. This work is so life changing that I chose to leave my clinical practice to focus on REALLY making a difference in the lives of children.”
Tiffanie Noonan

“My experience with the Jai Process was so powerful that I have transitioned out of the classroom and have dedicated myself to working exclusively with committed parents, teachers, and mentors to create deeply-connected, long lasting relationships with their children.”
Mariah Joy

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